Financial Inclusion 2020

> Posted by Anita Gardeva
Imagine a world in which all people of working age have access to a full-suite of financial service, including basic forms of credit, savings, insurance, and payment services.  Imagine that these services are of high quality, provided at affordable prices, in convenient locations, and with dignity for the clients.  Now imagine that this is a reality in 2020.
The Center for Financial Inclusion is in the initial stages of a project to accelerate progress towards full financial inclusion by 2020. Financial Inclusion 2020 is a collaborative effort to:

  • Define a detailed vision of full financial inclusion.
  • Generate in-depth analysis into Mexico’s provision of financial services, illustrating the gaps between Mexico’s current state and the vision of full inclusion.
  • Propose initial ideas, which with further exploration can create a comprehensive plan towards closing the gaps and achieving full inclusion in Mexico.
  • Bring together the key Mexican stakeholders from the private, public, and social sectors that are necessary for implementing the steps to move forward.

To accomplish the above goals, Financial Inclusion 2020 will create a scorecard for Mexico that evaluates its current position in terms of access, quality, affordability, and convenience of financial services.  With help from partners such as the Paganucci Fellows (read blog here) the Center hopes to expand the project to other key countries in the coming years.  In addition, a white paper on Financial Inclusion 2020 in Mexico is due to come out this fall.
Stay tuned for more project developments…
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