Financial Inclusion Week 2023

Financial Inclusion Week (FIW) is an annual gathering of the global community working to advance inclusive finance. The four-day virtual event is a forum for exchanging ideas, research, and perspectives from around the world. The Center for Financial Inclusion (CFI) convenes FIW each year and invites partner organizations to showcase work, share ideas on what’s ahead, network with others, and more. The community-driven agenda covers the most pressing topics in our space, helping to inform and advise global efforts to advance inclusive finance.

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FIW 2023

2023 THEME

Is Inclusive Finance Ready for the Accelerating Pace of Change?

The future is now, but are we ready for it?

Constant changes in digitalization, increased use of artificial intelligence (AI), frequent climate-related disasters, and a rapid rise in forced displacement are all here to stay. The inclusive finance community has been grappling with digitalization and AI for years, but most of the conversations to date have focused on decision-making tools and efficiency improvements. Now, AI is quickly expanding to all facets of financial services, presenting new opportunities and risks for operations and staff. Climate change is increasingly impacting people across the globe, with huge consequences for livelihoods and economies. Against this constant drumbeat of accelerated change, the potential for exclusion is ever magnified, especially for women, low-income, and other marginalized populations. If managed well, inclusive financial services can help individuals navigate these changes, and the innovations could lead to more inclusion rather than exclusion. But are we prepared? What steps must be taken to responsibly embrace change and capture the benefits while mitigating significant risks?

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