FinTech and Regulatory Environment for Financial Inclusion

May 24, 2017
Vilnius, Lithuania

To commemorate International Africa Day, research and consultancy center “AfriKo” in cooperation with the Lithuania‘s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Bank of Lithuania and ICT sector association “INFOBALT” are convening an international conference about the challenges and opportunities of fintech and financial inclusion in Africa. Deborah Drake, Vice President, Investing in Inclusive Finance, CFI will participate in a panel with speakers from the European Commission and from the Central Banks in Africa and Lithuania to discuss the trends in the international development agenda towards financial inclusion, the importance of the regulatory environment in advancing inclusive finance, as well as the role of Central Banks in ensuring that digital financial services contribute to financial inclusion and that consumers are protected.


Additional topics that will be discussed at the conference include the impact of fintech for financial inclusion in Africa, business opportunities for fintech companies, needs and challenges in the base of the pyramid financial market in Africa, the importance of financial education, and EU financial instruments to encourage financial inclusion investment in Africa. For more information, visit the event website, here.