Follow Friday for Microfinance

> Posted by Michelle Romeu
Laura Kozien introduces the ACCION family of Tweeters.
Aaah, Fridays. It’s everyone’s favorite day of the week for its (relatively) laid-back vibe, happy hours, and chances to sneak out early for weekends away. But for us Twitter nerds, it’s also Follow Friday (#FF or #followfriday), and our chance to get recommendations from friends on the latest and greatest Tweeters to follow.
So on this particular Friday, I’d like to take the opportunity to introduce you to some of my fellow ACCION Tweeters. Anyone in microfinance should be sure not to miss thoughts in 140 characters or less from these seasoned experts:

  • @CFI_ACCION is the voice of the Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion. Follow them to be the first to know about new blogs and commentary from recognized microfinance expert, author, and CFI director Elisabeth Rhyne, as well as news and updates regarding financial inclusion initiatives and client protection in microfinance.
  • For the scoop on U.S. microfinance and small business issues, follow me and other ACCIONista Tweeters at @ACCION_USA. You’ll get an insider’s look at our organization, access to client stories, and learn about new job and volunteer opportunities. You can also get local news from other U.S. ACCION affiliates at @ACCIONNM_CO_AZ (New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona), @ACCIONchicago, and @ACCIONsd (San Diego).
  • Accion recently joined the Twitterverse at @ACCION_Intl. You’ll get news from the field from ACCION Ambassadors, information on how to support the microfinance cause, and more.
  • Want to help raise money for microfinance? Follow @microbikeACCION and learn how you can pedal against poverty and join a fundraising event in your area. The next event is October 1-3, 2010.
  • ACCION communications expert Andy Sprung is always the first to know what the media says about microfinance—you can be the second by following him at @sprungpr

That rounds out the ACCION family of Tweeters—you can easily follow us all through our ACCION Network Twitter list. Who are your favorite microfinance experts to follow?