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Alex Counts captures the excitement at the Global Microcredit Summit in the latest post on his blog,  the cyberspace outpost where he describes the process of writing a book about Haitian microfinance pioneer Fonkoze.
Counts, the CEO of Grameen Foundation, notes that Fonkoze “was, among participating organizations working in a single country, the one that received the most exposure to tell its story.”
Counts, who was interviewed for the Center’s “Microfinance Matters” series, joined other friends of Grameen Bank to set up Grameen Foundation in 1997. During his recent trips to Haiti, he has been meeting with microfinance industry leaders in general, and in particular with Fonkoze staff.
“Fonkoze at the Global Microcredit Summit,” his most recent post, begins:
The recent Global Microcredit Summit held in Valladolid, Spain brought significant new exposure to the innovations and accomplishments of Fonkoze.  Anne Hastings spoke at the first substantive plenary (right after the ceremonial opening session), and followed that up with presentations at several workshops and finally well-received remarks at the closing plenary.  Gauthier Dieudonne presented Fonkoze’s institutional action plan in a plenary alongside the head of CARE’s microfinance initiative, ACCESS Africa.  (CARE is one of the largest humanitarian organizations in the world.)  Finally, Fonkoze Diaspora liaison Katleen Felix chaired a workshop while CLM regional director Steve Werlin presented an important paper that he had co-authored with Anne. 
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