Foreign Policy Interviews CFI Gender Lead Julia Arnold About Women’s Economic Empowerment

CFI’s Senior Research Director on Women's Financial Inclusion discusses addressing gender norms on the HERO podcast.

As a guest on The Hidden Economics of Remarkable Women (HERO) podcast, Julia Arnold talks about the Household Dialogues program, where couples meet with financial counselors to initiate open communication about household finances and decision-making, led by the nonprofit CARE in Uganda.

Arnold explains that addressing the gender gap, from bank account ownership to mobile phone ownership, is more than just providing access to resources. The Household Dialogues program helps address the social and normative gender constraints that can also prevent women’s financial inclusion.

She concludes with the hope that providers, governments, donors, and investors all work together to do their part in understanding where the existing gender gaps are and the various ways they can each address them.

Arnold is the Senior Research Director for Women’s Financial Inclusion.

Listen to the full episode here.

Listen to the Full Episode

The Foreign Policy podcast series, The Hidden Economics of Remarkable Women (HERO), discusses women’s economic empowerment around the world. Hear Julia Arnold speak in Episode 2: Saving More by Changing Gender Roles in Uganda.

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