Mayada El-Zoghbi participated in the opening plenary, "The Power of Inclusion," on day two of FOROMIC 2019.

Mayada El-Zoghbi, Managing Director, CFI, spoke on the plenary “The Power of Inclusion” in October 2019. Below is a summary:

  • The financial inclusion sector has reinvented itself: from microfinance, to financial inclusion, and now the post-inclusion era. But in each era, we’ve narrowly focused on one product and have not been able to prioritize the people we serve.
  • Huge progress in financial has been felt in many regions, but there are different drivers of growth in the different regions: mobile money driving progress in Africa and e-commerce in Asia, for example. There is a potential for fintech to drive financial inclusion progress in Latin America, but this hasn’t been realized.
  • The majority of fintechs focusing on financial inclusion, according to a recent fintech competition with over 400 global applicants, came from Sub-Saharan Africa. Despite an enabling environment and overall ecosystem that supports fintechs for financial inclusion in Latin America, few seem to focus on this agenda.
  • Governments in Latin America and the world must focus on consumer protection regulation and market conduct, and providers must uphold responsible client conduct.



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