Giving Up the Keys to the Car, Or Rather, the CFI Blog

CFI bids a fond farewell and good luck to Jeff Riecke, former editor of the CFI Blog, as he takes up residence as a USC graduate student. Here he reflects on his tenure and the evolution of the CFI Blog.

Jeff Riecke photo

This is my last CFI Blog post. Well, hopefully not. But it is my last post as its manager, a position I’ve held for roughly half a decade.

I’ll miss it! Well, not everything about it… I won’t long for the unyielding daily hustle to produce posts. But I’ll miss many things about managing the CFI Blog, perhaps most of all, I’ll miss connecting with all of you, and being the point person for many individuals and organizations in the financial inclusion community to share new insights and industry developments. It was truly a privilege to get to work with so many passionate individuals around the world on how to best tell their stories.
If you’re reading this post that likely means you have some affinity for the Blog, too. Why it is that you enjoy the Blog is surely different from my reasons, but I’m sure we have some overlap.

One of the qualities of the CFI Blog that I think is particularly distinct is – forgive the pun – how inclusive it is. The CFI Blog is unique and all the more valuable to the industry in how open it is to different types of posts from authors ranging from industry pioneers to pioneering leaders. The primary question through which we strive to consider all posts is does this contribute to the greater financial inclusion conversation?

CFI’s mission is to challenge and engage the financial inclusion community to better serve, protect and empower clients. The CFI Blog strives to be a reliable, regular source of news and opinion for the industry—a place to share ideas that move our community forward. As the financial inclusion sector has grown over the years, so too has its blogging landscape. And that’s only a good thing for financial inclusion. However, with more and more being written about financial inclusion all the time, the more the CFI Blog can serve as a (constructive) critic by and for the industry, the better. The Blog is only as strong as its contributions from all of us working toward our common goals.

Here are a few of posts that I think demonstrate what the CFI Blog is all about: challenging dominant narratives; debating disputed issues; introducing novel ideas; and serving as a forum for the industry.

I trust the CFI Blog will continue to be a resource for the industry for many years to come. Thanks for all your support during my time at the helm!


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