Glenn Beck – ‘So Long’ from Your Friends in Microfinance

> Posted by Jon Pattee
It is with great sadness that we note the imminent departure of Glenn Beck from Fox News, an exit that may or may not be linked to his show’s crumbling audience share.
We will miss Beck’s chalkdust-fuelled theorizing about “micro financing” as embodied in lines from his show, like this classic:
“[D]o you know who Barack Obama was doing micro financing with? The Ford Foundation. Guess who was also doing micro financing on the Ford Foundation. His dad. Timothy Geithner. Isn’t that — what are the odds? Man, it’s just — it [sic] just becoming a very, very small, small world. Very small.”
Small indeed. Small, and surreal. We will miss the depth of analysis that Beck brought to the debate surrounding microfinance. But we’re comforted to know that others, with similar mental acuity, are surely waiting to hoist his fallen standard.
Image credit: y6y6y6