Google’s new initiative: ‘Project 10^100 – Build better banking tools for everyone’

> Posted by Sergio Guzmán
Google just launched an initiative called Project 10^100. Out of 154,000 user submitted ideas to make the world a better place, Google narrowed down the list to 16 major ideas and you can vote for one of them!
I would like to call your attention to one idea in general, it is to “Build better banking tools for everyone”

“Partner with banks and technology companies to increase the reach of financial services across the world. Users submitted numerous ideas that seek to improve the quality of people’s lives by offering new, more convenient and more sophisticated banking services. Specific suggestions include inexpensive village-based banking kiosks for developing countries; an SMS solution geared toward mobile networks; and ideas for implementing banking services into school curriculums.”
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Voting ends tomorrow, so please vote soon!