Grameen, India, Financial Literacy – Top Picks of the Microfinance Blogosphere – April 28, 2011

> Posted by Michelle Romeu
This week’s report from the blogosphere spans National Financial Literacy Month, behavioral economics, the Grameen Bank investigation, and more. Read on for this week’s Top Picks:

  • The Institute for Financial Management and Research‘s India Development blog offers an insightful post about understanding microfinance from a loan officer’s perspective. Indian loan officers shared thoughts and experiences ranging from a typical day on the job to the importance of professional training.
  • The MasterCard Foundation blog highlights the opening of the first bank branch in Kabudula, a rural town in Malawi. The branch—an Opportunity International Bank of Malawi kiosk—is one of many in an initiative to deliver new low-cost outlets for financial services in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • As the end of April draws near, CFED‘s Inclusive Economy blog discusses National Financial Literacy Month and offers three steps to go beyond mere financial literacy to financial capability.
  • Popular books such as Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink have brought behavioral economics to the non-fiction foreground, which begs the question: is there any literature on behavioral economics in microfinance? The Financial Access Initiative blog answers “yes,” and offers this resource packed with links and reviews.
  • David Roodman continues to cover the fallout from the Yunus and Grameen Bank situation, and reviews “what’s new” in the recently released Grameen investigation report.

Image credit: Ianf