Happy Holidays!

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During this holiday season we here at the Center have enjoyed finding festive greetings in our inboxes and, to a lesser extent, our mailboxes. Though amongst the lot, there was one message that stood out so much we felt compelled to share it.

Demyst.Data – a startup that aggregates and analyses “big data” to help financial institutions extend credit to underserved customers – emailed the below ode to one of our team members. Accion is an investor in Demyst through its new initiative, Venture Lab. In speaking about Demyst, Venture Lab Managing Director Paul Breloff recently said, “Demyst is a breakthrough technology that can help financial institutions around the world, including microfinance institutions, more efficiently and responsibly reach neglected customer segments with credit and other financial services.”

We hope you enjoy Demyst’s message as much as we did. Happy holidays!

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the world
There were millions of people, and all under-served.

Incomes are moderate, assets are few
These are hardworking people, but nobody knew.

Education, convenience, and lower the fees
All the signals are there, and these are the needs.

Not a bank wasn’t stirring, how can I help?
While innovators abound, tried to do it like Yelp.

Now Walmart, Now Citi, Now Amex, and Chase
All have taken notice, and entered the race.

Here comes LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, too
Maybe that’s worth a look, how novel and new.

As we peer to the future, one thing is clear
A problem exists, and a solution is near.

Data is booming, and we must get on course
To extract the value, straight from the source.

So come Mr. Claus, and help those in need
Provide access to credit, do a good deed.

From customer profiles, to predictive APIs
DemystData is growing, and sure to surprise.

In 2013, we’ll continue our fight
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Image credit: ARSGRAFIK

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