How Important is Aging to Financial Inclusion? We Want Your Opinion

> Posted by Sonja E. Kelly, Fellow, CFI

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We would like to invite you—yes you—to lend your voice to our Financial Inclusion 2020 research on the issue of financial inclusion and aging.

The financial inclusion community has, with a few bright exceptions, been slow to recognize how rapidly the global population is aging, which is problematic considering the unique financial needs of this older population and the extent of this population growth. The statistics are stunning – in 1950, globally, 1 in 20 was above the age of 65; by 2050, it will be 1 in 5. The growth in the population of older adults is happening not just in developed countries, but everywhere. This demographic trend presents not only significant issues for the global economy, but also significant opportunities for inclusion that will affect people of all ages.

We would love to hear your opinion. Do you have a few minutes today to lend your voice to the conversation?

We’ve developed a survey (in English and in Spanish) to capture your thoughts about this issue. The Center for Financial Inclusion, in partnership with HelpAge International, is working to identify the critical issues and opportunities of aging and financial inclusion. Aging is an issue that we, the financial inclusion community, can no longer ignore. Financial services could play an important facilitating role in meeting several of the most pressing needs related to aging, such as adequate income security, consumer protection, and financing for health needs.

Our first step in our research is a quick survey of the current state of practice, considering the current ways in which the financial inclusion community approaches the issue of aging. The survey takes about 5-10 minutes to fill out. Your information will provide a vital platform from which we will build our research, and will feed into a report that will be shared later this year.

Access the survey in English

Access the survey in Spanish

If you choose to identify yourself in the survey, we would be happy to share an exclusive advanced copy of the high-level summary of the data to thank you for your participation.

Many thanks for taking time to help shape this important emerging discussion. We look forward to your response!

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