ID2020 Summit 2019

Senior research director Eric Noggle participates in a panel discussion at this summit dedicated to "Rising to the Good ID Challenge."

Eric Noggle and Tess Johnson are participating in ID2020 Summit 2019 along with stakeholders from across the digital ID ecosystem, including government leaders, technologists, civil society advocates and development organizations. Hosted by the ID2020 Alliance, this year’s summit offers an opportunity to take stock of progress, evaluate our individual and collective roles in advancing good digital ID, and ensure alignment on key priorities.

Eric Noggle joins a panel entitled Cities Driving Innovation in Good ID alongside speakers from the Open Society Foundations and the cities of New York, NY and Austin, TX.

The ID2020 Alliance was launched in 2017 to accelerate access to user-centric, privacy-protecting and portable digital ID — and to do so through sustained, transparent public-private partnership. This year’s summit will include intimate, candid discussions on:

  • Taking stock of progress and failings towards user-centric, privacy- protecting and portable digital ID
  • The heightened urgency of our work, particularly when increased interest in closing the ID gap – through any means – may be outpacing the #GoodID movement
  • The roles for regulators, market-based approaches, and funders in protecting privacy and spurring the adoption of user-centric, privacy- protecting and portable digital ID. The route from #GoodID to widespread adoption of digital ID solutions that meet – or exceed – our standards for “good”?
  • Trends towards decentralization in national ID programs and cities as catalysts for “good” digital ID

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