If You're Late on Payments, You Will Face Eviction…from the Grave!

– Posted by Sergio Guzmán
We wish this was a joke, really we do. According to BBC Mundo, “The mayor of Zaragoza, Spain, launched a campaign to alert its inhabitants who have yet to pay the outstanding contributions to the cemeteries, that it shall remove the remains of their loved ones.” According to the source, stickers will be placed on the gravestones of those persons who have failed to pay upkeep fees. Warning of action was sent in March, via collections notices in the mail, and given the lack of response, the mayor chose the course of action described.
Talk about appropriate collections practices, eh? This seems like a very eerie, unorthodox, and frankly Scrooge-like way of collecting past-due debts.  Does anyone have examples of inappropriate collections practices they want to share?
Happy Halloween and Feliz Dia de las Brujas to everyone!
Image credit: Albus Dumbledore
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