IIF Podcast Features Elisabeth Rhyne Discussing the Digital Customer Journey

Rhyne discusses tech and touch, national identities and more in the latest episode of Institute of International Finance's podcast.

This episode of the “FRT” podcast focuses on how digital customer journeys are enabling financial institutions to reach underserved segments in a sustainable manner. IIF’s Conan French host Rhyne and Amin Khairy to discuss the upcoming CFI-IIF paper “Charting the Customer Journey in the Digital Age.”

Rhyne discusses the persistent challenges for digital inclusion and the importance of having a “tech-touch” balance at certain stages of the customer journey.

They also discuss the potential gain in operational efficiencies for financial institutions and the positive impact digitization has on unbanked customers and provide real-life examples of digital customer journeys in various stages: pre-onboarding, onboarding and continued use.

“We’re finding that the countries that are making it easy to onboard are those with a good national ID program,” Rhyne said. “Having a very clear and simple to use national ID that’s easily connected electronically is probably the most important thing.”

Rhyne also notes that understanding the unique financial lives of lower income segments is crucial to digitization and different from transitioning banked populations from analog to digital.

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