Inclusion in India, Human Capital Management, Mobile Money in LAC – Top Picks of the Microfinance Blogosphere

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This edition of top picks features posts highlighting India’s financial inclusion progress and persisting gaps, how the deployment of digital financial systems requires strategic human capital management, and the state of the mobile money industry in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The proportion of adults in India with a bank account increased from 35 to 53 percent between 2011 and 2014, according to the recently-released Global Findex data. A new post on the IFMR LEAD blog shares the Findex findings for India, and outlines the ways in which financial inclusion in the country is still far from achieved. The post affirms that account ownership is just the first step towards inclusion, discussing account usage, gender disparity, and uptake of mobile services, among other topics.

In a new Next Billion blog post, Grameen Foundation staff draw on their experience working with Pride MDI and Centenary Bank to illustrate the importance of effectively engaging staff of all levels during the development and launch of a new digital finance service. From senior managers to marketing teams and field staff, the department-spanning effort that is a new digital deployment requires strong leadership, training, and feedback collection. The post offers insights to human capital management in this context.

Latin America and the Caribbean had the fastest growth in new mobile money accounts in 2014 out of any region globally, a post on GSMA’s Mobile Money for the Unbanked shares. What’s more, three mobile money services in the region crossed the 1 million active customer milestone in 2014. The GSMA blog post creates a snapshot of the current state of mobile financial services in Latin America and the Caribbean, offering these among other findings, analyzing the commercial models being used, and discussing the regulatory evolution that has helped shape the industry.

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