Inclusive Finance India Summit 2017

thumb 1EE16B47E5C149BC98E69E29C9CD8D11December 11-12, 2017

On Monday, December 11 at the Inclusive Finance India Summit, CFI is hosting a conversation featuring Misha Sharma, CFI Fellow and Project Manager at IFMR Lead, Hema Bansal, Senior Director for the Smart Campaign in South and Southeast Asia, and Abhishek Agrawal, Chief Regional Officer for Accion in India, on how frontline banking agents can effectively apply human touch to their customer interactions in alignment with India’s efforts to advance the adoption of digital financial services (DFS) and greater financial inclusion among the poor and unbanked. The event will draw on the latest report from the CFI Fellows Program, authored by Misha Sharma as well as Shreya Chatterjee of IFMR, Agents of Change: How the Human Touch Is Bringing Digital Financial Services to New Customers in India.

In India and elsewhere, agents play a crucial role in successfully transitioning their clients to digital platforms, and as such, their value to the financial sector and the institutions they represent—commercial banks, payment banks, and microfinance institutions—goes above and beyond simply explaining to customers how to use financial products and services. Instead, agents are the key to building trust, resolving problems, and ensuring value for customers. This discussion will highlight the state of agent practice in India and examine 10 principal insights on training, equipping, and promoting financial product awareness among agents.

Our conversation will explore these findings of this research and discuss their implications for commercial banks, payment banks, microfinance institutions and their customers alike, and the financial inclusion community at large as India continues on its path towards a digital financial future. For more information or to RSVP, please contact Tess Johnson.

Additionally at the Inclusive Finance India Summit, there will be a ceremoney honoring Muthoot Finance for becoming Smart Certified. Learn more about Smart Certification at the Smart Campaign website.