India, Savings & Innovation – Top Picks of the Microfinance Blogosphere – December 1, 2011

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The dynamic between savings and borrowing, efforts to extend microloans that facilitate access to water and sanitation, and creative approaches to product development are all covered in this edition of Top Picks.

  • Thirsty for good news? “Water and Sanitation Needs in India” are highlighted on the Acumen Fund’s blog, which outlines their investment in GUARDIAN (Gramalaya Urban And Rural Development Initiatives And Network), the world’s first MFI engaged in microlending to communities that lack access to individual water and sanitation facilities.
  • “Are Borrowing and Saving Complements or Substitutes?” asks Jonathan Morduch on the Financial Access Initiative blog, where he notes that “Were households more confident in themselves, or if they had better mechanisms to achieve discipline, ‘borrowing to save’ would be less useful, but in an imperfect world it can be the best of an array of imperfect strategies.”
  • Over the past year, Kiva has introduced Student Loans to support education, Green Loans to support environmental initiatives, and Kiva City to empower US communities to jumpstart small business growth. Christine Ness takes a look at how Kiva is “Continuing to Think Outside the Box” in her recent post for that organization’s blog.

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