Infographic: “75 Records Compromised Every Second”

It’s hard to fathom just how big the impact of data breaches is. This infographic helps.

As readers of CFI reports and blog posts, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been paying a lot of attention to “getting data right” over the last few months. We aren’t just hitching our wagons to the latest tech news trends. Data breaches can and do have negative impacts for vulnerable, underserved populations in developing countries. Those seeking access to financial tools and products to improve their lives, whether it’s starting a family business or sending their children to school, need safe and reliable digital financial services, and many financial inclusion practitioners would greatly prefer to focus on growing their markets and not have to worry about cyberthreats.

In January, our Managing Director, Elisabeth Rhyne, wrote about how hard it is to find public information documenting the consequences of data protection shortcomings, their frequency or severity.

Following up on that post, Andriana Moskovska, a tech blogger and contributor, sent us a detailed infographic that can help non-expert readers wrap their heads around the ways data breaches work and how many people they affect. The infographic documents the biggest breaches over the past few years – the tip of the iceberg in terms of the absolute number of incidents.

What does this mean for the future financial inclusion? Are laws and technologies adequate to contain the threats? How can we protect both financial service providers and their customers?

Check out the infographic below, which originally appeared on Hosting Tribunal, a website that reviews and ranks hosting sites and receives support from affiliate marketing. Let us know what you think!

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