FMO, the Dutch development bank, has been a valuable financial and non-financial supporter of CFI’s work. Together, we have built a partnership based on a shared commitment to strong governance of financial institutions and the protection and empowerment of low-income clients.

Supporting Corporate Governance
FMO has been a champion of strong corporate governance practices for financial institutions, supporting initiatives like the Africa Board Fellowship Program (ABF), a peer learning and exchange to strengthen the governance of financial institutions serving low-income clients throughout sub-Saharan Africa. FMO has also supported and attended leadership seminars with Accion throughout the world, bringing key stakeholders together to discuss issues of governance and risk.

Ensuring Client Protection
FMO has been a key partner to the Smart Campaign, leading the consumer protection agenda with investors and encouraging the development of standards for inclusive finance institutions. FMO has worked with the Campaign in the areas of responsible finance for refugees and responsible consumer lending, and is actively supporting our work to establish standards for fintech investors that ensure client protection is a part of investment decisions.

Today, CFI’s work with FMO continues. Among other projects, we are exploring the expansion of ABF and developing practical guidance for stakeholders in designing the governance of early-stage companies. Learn more about Accion’s partnership with FMO.



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