MetLife Foundation

Since 2013, MetLife Foundation’s core focus has been to improve the financial health of low-income individuals across the globe. MetLife Foundation’s longstanding partnership and philanthropic support of CFI’s work have raised awareness of the opportunities and solutions to advance financial inclusion.

Building financial capabilities in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Beginning in 2018, in partnership with the Microfinance Centre, we are working in Europe and Central Asia to develop and promote digital tools that providers can use to diagnose clients’ financial health, identify gaps, and develop actionable plans to improve their financial well-being.

Engaging the industry to better reach the underserved
Together, CFI and MetLife Foundation support the Global Microscope, which benchmarks regulatory progress on financial inclusion and catalyzes reform. And a two-year initiative between CFI, the IIF, and MetLife Foundation is using research and knowledge exchange to identify and share practical guidance that financial institutions can use to expand quality services to the poor.

Motivating the financial inclusion community
In 2011, CFI launched the Financial Inclusion 2020 initiative. MetLife Foundation advised the effort and provided financial support to CFI’s working groups, each tasked with creating a roadmap for a different enabler of inclusion. This initiative culminated in a global forum that brought together practitioners and thought leaders in financial inclusion. To help sustain the momentum, the Foundation sponsored several CFI initiatives to develop tools and research for the industry.

Today, MetLife Foundation continues to be a thought partner, collaborator, funder, and advisor to Accion, providing critical support for our efforts to build a financially inclusive world. Learn more about Accion’s partnership with MetLife Foundation.



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