International Forum for China Financial Inclusion 2017

September 21-23, 2017
Beijing, China

What is needed to advance financial inclusion in China? The theme of this year’s International Forum for China Financial Inclusion is Capacity Changes the World. The event will explore the most pressing issues surrounding capacity-building for financial inclusion stakeholders, with discussion topics including policy-making and regulatory capacity, financial institutions’ corporate governance, client education and protection, and the digital dividend and divide. Elisabeth Rhyne, Managing Director of CFI, has two speaking engagements at the event, both on responsible finance.

Rhyne will be delivering a keynote on protecting and empowering consumers in the digital age. Rhyne is also a panelist in the session Responsible Finance: The Boundary of Financial Innovation, which recognizes that responsible digital financial practices to protect the wellbeing of the consumer are critical and will explore how legislation, supervision, and self-regulation could join forces to promote responsible finance. For more on the event, see this overview and agenda. For more on responsible finance, visit the Smart Campaign’s website