Is Microfinance Ready for Social Performance Certification?

> Posted by Center Staff
Investors, regulators, and even clients all want to support microfinance institutions that demonstrate strong social performance.  And practitioners want to be recognized for the good work that they do.  But many questions arise. Can a certification provide real confidence about the caliber of an MFI’s social performance?  What are the prerequisites to successful certification? Are they in place in the microfinance sector? If not, will all the stakeholders embrace them fully?
An After Hours Seminar held by USAID in Washington, DC on May 4 tackled these tough questions.   The session featured three well-known leaders who discussed how their initiatives are working together to help the microfinance industry fulfill its stated social missions:

  • Leah Nedderman Wardle from the Social Performance Task Force explained the broad social performance landscape
  • Sam Daley-Harris of the Microcredit Summit Campaign introduced the Seal of Excellence for Poverty and Transformation
  • Elisabeth Rhyne of the Center for Financial Inclusion at ACCION discussed the Smart Campaign’s commitment to client protection

You can learn more about the answers and watch videos of the participants by clicking here.
Image credit: C. Thure