Living in ‘Interesting Times’ With Eyes Wide Open

> Posted by Center Staff
Good news!
Hundreds of people responded to the Center’s recent survey to identify the greatest opportunities and obstacles on the path to financial inclusion.
We’re grateful to everyone who shared their insights during this, one of the most “interesting” periods microfinance has ever seen.
“Interesting” as in “May you live in interesting times,” the double-edged expression of well-wishes that’s (probably apocryphally) attributed to a Chinese wit.
We’re glad to be entering this period with our eyes wide open, looking for the best thought to lead microfinance through the most “interesting” times. The survey is part of scrutinizing the road ahead. Stay tuned for the final report on the survey data, which will appear in coming months.
And thank you again to everyone who took part in the survey. We look forward to using your insights to make the future a little less interesting.
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