MCF-EMN Annual Conference

The Smart Campaign is participating in the 2018 Microfinance Centre European Microfinance Week Annual Conference 2018 in Bilbao, Spain. Check out Leah Wardle, accreditation manager, The Smart Campaign, is speaking on the panel below:

Maintaining the Social Promise of Financial Inclusion in a Competitive Marketplace

October 4th, 4:15pm


  • Leah Wardle, The Smart Campaign
  • Cameron Goldie-Scot, Musoni Systems
  • Joris Crisa, MicroFinanza Rating

Description: How can existing microfinance providers best compete in the digital era? How will the social promise of microfinance continue to thrive as the industry digitizes? This workshop will explore the important roles for traditional players in the digital area—namely, to stay relevant by reaching financially excluded people with a mix of “tech and touch.” Participants will discuss how to blend customer-centricity with technology in order to reach excluded clients and maintain a strong market position.




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