Michael Schlein: Everyone has a role to play in FI2020

Michael Schlein, President and CEO of Accion, shares his exhortation for action

 Photography by John Cairns

Looking back

Two years ago the Citi Foundation convened a group of us to start thinking about Financial Inclusion. We looked around the room and saw all the usual suspects. We immediately realized we needed to broaden the conversation to all the new actors who are coming in, seeing the opportunities, the markets and the need for financial services at the base of the pyramid.

From a Forum to a Movement

That led us on this path to FI2020 and this Forum. I do think we have succeeded in broadening the conversation significantly. It’s not just the non-profits and the microfinance institutions but it is now banks, payment companies, retailers, insurers, government organizations and regulators. It is a broad conversation aligning around a common vision of creating a financially inclusive world.

This is more than a Forum. It has now become a movement with a clear direction laid out in the Roadmaps. There is a lot of energy in this room and we will all leave here and continue to work on driving this vision forward.

Everyone has a role to play

This is an inflection point.

We at the Center for Financial Inclusion have been working hard to get to this Forum. We now have to take stock and think about the future and how to keep this momentum going.

My exhortation to everyone involved in this Forum – in person or online – is help us make this vision real. Everyone has a significant role to play in actually achieving a financially inclusive world.

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