Microfinance CEOs Unite on Road Map to Responsible Microfinance

> Posted by Meghan Greene
Coordinating in an unprecedented way, a group of eight microfinance CEOs from leading organizations has just issued a “Road Map for the Microfinance Industry: Focusing on Responsible and Client-Centered Microfinance.” The Microfinance CEO Working Group is a collaborative effort by the CEOs of a number of pioneering microfinance organizations, including ACCION, FINCA, Freedom from Hunger, Grameen Foundation USA, Opportunity International, Pro Mujer, VisionFund International, and Women’s World Banking.  The Center for Financial Inclusion currently serves as secretariat for the Working Group.
The Road Map outlines the Working Group members’ vision for the positive evolution of the microfinance field and underscores their commitment to raising industry standards, starting with their own. Central to this vision is the Working Group’s support for three initiatives that are laying the groundwork for a more responsible, client-focused and transformative industry: the Smart Campaign, MicroFinance Transparency, and the Social Performance Task Force’s universal standards for social performance management.
In the Road Map, the CEOs call for their valued peers in the microfinance industry to take action by endorsing these three initiatives and transforming their principles into action.
The Working Group would value your feedback. Please feel free to comment here (all comments will be forwarded to the group) or email Meghan Greene, the group’s coordinator, at mgreene@accion.org.
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