Microfinance for All Alliance Spotlights Smart Campaign

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We’re excited that the Smart Campaign’s decision to enshrine non-discrimination in its core principles has received mention in the most recent newsletter of the Microfinance for All Alliance. In it, the alliance’s Coordinator, Grégory Doucet, writes:
The most positive estimates now confirm that less than 0.5% of people with disabilities are clients of MFIs. But, more than 650 million people are disabled, now representing 12% of the world population.
By prohibiting all discrimination against people with disabilities and more generally against disadvantaged populations, Smart Campaign has made great progress in the protecting the rights of marginalised populations. Eliminating any ambiguity, this new rule provides that “the selection and processing of applications shall not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, gender, political affiliation, disability, religion or sexual orientation.”
Nondiscriminatory treatment is essential to enable access to financial services with total confidence in the service provider. Placing the emphasis on basic rights leads international microfinance to a leadership position in the battle for equal rights and access for disabled persons, as recommended by the CIDPH in 2006.
We appreciate this mention of the Smart Campaign’s efforts. To learn more about the  Microfinance for All Alliance, you can read the entire newsletter by clicking here, or email Coordinator Grégory Doucet at gdoucet@handicapinternational.
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