Microfinance Gateway Rolls Out New Resources

> Posted by Center Staff
It may be old news to many in the industry that CGAP‘s Microfinance Gateway can connect you with resources in English, Spanish, Arabic, and French.
What you might not know, however, is that new resources are being added all the time.  Jobs, training and events, consultants, and a colossal library of microfinance tools – all a click away.
Today, we’d like to highlight just a few of the new resources that really stand out:
Microfinance at a Crossroads: Resources on the Crisis in India provides an excellent overview of the Andhra Pradesh debacle, and delves into the farthest corners of academia, the media, and the industry itself to present us with perspectives.
Covering the Coverage:  A Reader’s Roadmap to the Andhra Pradesh Crisis, a new feature in the Microfinance Voices section, offers unique insights into how the events in India have played out in the media.
Transparent Pricing Initiative in India: Pricing Data Report, Cash In, Cash Out: Financial Transactions and Access to Finance in Malawi, and Mobile Money: The Economics of M-PESA – these are the latest additions to the ever-growing Microfinance Gateway library.
All in all, a vast clearinghouse of vital information and a great service to the industry. It’s not for nothing that the Microfinance Gateway calls itself the most comprehensive online resource for the global microfinance community. We look forward to seeing more resources rolled out in the future!