Microfinance in a Technology-Enabled World of Financial Inclusion

January 8, Stanford, USA

For the 2.5 billion people who lack access to basic financial services, physical proximity to banks and loan offices are too often the primary barrier. Digital and mobile technologies are starting to change the landscape of financial access. Poor communities that were once invisible to financial institutions are now accessible and present viable market opportunities. New innovations and technologies are redefining microfinance – its products, its delivery and its future. What are the opportunities and challenges facing microfinance in this digital age, and how can it best serve those who still lack access to basic financial services? What is the role of philanthropy to foster innovation in microfinance and strengthen the field? A lunch and roundtable conversation will be held January 8 with members of the Microfinance CEO Working Group. Speakers include Scott Brown, President and CEO of VisionFund International, Rosario Perez, President and CEO of Pro Mujer, and Michael Schlein, President and CEO of Accion. For more information, click here.