Mobile Money, Women, Water: Top Picks of the Microfinance Blogosphere – March 28, 2011

> Posted by Michelle Romeu
This week our blog-hopping takes us from the water pump to the cell phone, as well as points in-between.

  • Mary Ellen Iskenderian, president and CEO of Women’s World Banking, guest posts at the Harvard Business Review blog to point out the many circumstances in which women are not only microfinance clients, but also microfinance leaders.
  • The UN’s World Water Day was last week, and Chelsea Dubois of the (oft-microfinance-oriented) Innovations for Poverty Action blog took the opportunity to show us a striking photo (and the story behind it) that shows us the dire need for clean water in areas such as rural Ghana. (And in connection with MF and H2O, don’t forget Matt Damon.)
  • Via the Financial Access Initiative blog, Jonathan Morduch provides his take on whether microfinance truly alleviates poverty, and shares research that could help shed some light on the subject.
  • Over at The Inclusive Economy, Carol Wayman offers angles on why an estimated 70 million Americans are financially excluded from access to mainstream credit.
  • Finally, at CGAP’s Technology blog, Mark Pickens maps out a new aspect of mobile money: the mHealth universe, which specializes in mobile phone-based solutions to healthcare access challenges in developing countries.