New Interactive Website: Exploring the Client Protection Journey in Cambodia and Morocco

> Posted by Center Staff

What’s better than blog posts? As a blogger, I’m inclined to assert that nothing is in fact better than blog posts. Alas, with self-awareness, I think we can all agree that interactive websites are cool. And that interactive websites about client protection in microfinance are especially cool!

Created by Nathalie Assouline of Alia Développement, a new interactive website offers users a media-rich experience for learning about the development of the microfinance industries in Cambodia and Morocco, with a special focus on client protection.

Users navigate dynamic world maps and timelines, embedded with information about market size, specific market players, financial inclusion, regulation, funding, and more. The site also includes a trove of video interviews, showcasing clients and financial institution staff talking about how they see client protection.

A number of Smart Certified financial institutions are featured in videos discussing their client protection practices, including:

  • KREDIT Microfinance (Cambodia)
  • ATTAWFIQ Microfinance (Morocco)
  • Al Amana (Morocco)
  • Hattha Kaksekar Limited (HKL) (Cambodia)
  • LOLC Micro Credit Ltd. (Cambodia)
  • Sathapana Bank (Cambodia)
  • Amret Microfinance (Cambodia)

Hosted on the Smart Campaign website, the interactive microsite is provided in English and French, accessible here and here.

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