We’ve Got a New Look, But We’re Still The Same CFI

What the New CFI Website Means for You

This September marks 10 years since CFI’s launch in 2008. We are happy to be able to celebrate by releasing CFI’s new website, which will carry us forward into the next decade.

Since the beginning of this year, our team has been working behind the scenes and in coordination with Accion to deliver a better digital experience on our website and blog. Following months of research, collaboration, and hearing from our audience, we’ve arrived a better place digitally. During the process, we gave ourselves a mini-makeover (out with brown and beige, and in with a fresh, bright green), new technology (hello, WordPress), and better alignment with Accion. But, most importantly, we hope this redesign will also make it easier for you to interact with our content, get to know our thought leaders, and get involved with our mission.

Interacting with our content just got a lot easier

We’ve consolidated our former website and the CFI Blog with this redesign. No more having to look in one place to read a report and in another to read a blog post. You can find our blog in our main navigation. This will make it easier to see our work all in one place.

Additionally, we’re giving you an option to filter our research and related content by topics, types, and regions right from the navigation. Our index pages also give you these options—plus a filter for author. So, if you know the topic you’re interested, or the country, or author, you can get to it much faster and more directly now.

With our new site, you’ll get to know our thought leaders and staff

Behind all the good content that we offer on the site are talented, knowledgeable, approachable people I’m fortunate to call my colleagues. To help you get to know our people a little better, we’ve tagged experts for many of our topic areas and geographies, and authors are clickable. This way, you can put a face to a name and connect with our team more easily.

Working with us is easier than ever

We’ve done a couple of things to facilitate the process of interacting on a deeper level with CFI:

Our website redesign is a function of a coordinated organization-wide effort at Accion—where we’re working to catalyze financial inclusion. Accion’s new site offers many of the same features and functionality, but you might be interested in learning how Accion is pursuing global challenges like saving money and building credit, the stories we’ve collected from around the globe, and our organization’s rich history and legacy.

While we’re thrilled to be live with a new and improved website, our revamp is not yet fully complete. Over the next few months, alongside our partner and digital agency ISL, we’ll be learning how the new site performs and making refinements and enhancements—some of which you may notice and others you won’t. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy exploring the site and getting to know us all over again—and a little bit better this time.

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