Opportunities and Obstacles to Financial Inclusion in Peru

In 2010, the Center for Financial Inclusion conducted a field survey to find out what financial sector participants thought about the opportunities and obstacles to financial inclusion. The survey sought responses from service providers, investors, members of support organizations, and policymakers. A total of 301 respondents from 67 countries were received and the results were compiled in the CFI report Opportunities and Obstacles to Financial Inclusion in 2011.

Oikocredit Perú and CFI joined forces to carry out a country-specific version of this study in Peru in 2012-2013. Peru was chosen in recognition of developments in the microfinance market, market regulation and rules, the free competition model and the present government’s interest in working towards financial, economic and social inclusion.

The study was carried out in Peru in three main phases. 1) First, an online survey asked senior professionals at major private and public sector institutions to rank a series of pre-selected Opportunities and Obstacles. 2) Second, experts with extensive experience in the local market commented on and validated the survey findings. 3) Finally, a series of in-depth interviews were held with a number of the most recognized and prestigious players in the local market. By supplementing the ranking of pre-selected factors with interviews with experts and opinion leaders on financial inclusion, this study was able to attain a deeper understanding of the reasons why the key obstacles and opportunities were selected.

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