RFF December 2022: Envisioning Responsible Finance in the Context of Climate Change

The December 2022 RFF virtual convening discussed the connections between responsible finance and climate change. The increasing frequency and intensity of climate shocks can adversely impact consumer finances and erode household wealth. Changing climate conditions are also creating long-term stresses and threatening livelihoods. To date, there is limited information on the consumer protection risks faced by low-income people as they navigate climate shocks and long-term financial stresses brought about by climate change.

Policymakers, investors, financial service providers, and other members of the inclusive finance community came together with three objectives:

  1. To gain a richer understanding of the consumer protection risks from adverse climate events.
  2. To examine the role of regulators, policymakers, and inclusive finance players in addressing these challenges.
  3. To begin charting a path forward to help people build resilience to shocks and adapt to changing conditions.

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