Save the Date – Financial Inclusion Week 2017

> Posted by Allyse McGrath, Specialist, CFI 

Join us in accelerating financial inclusion conversations globally!

We are excited to announce the third annual Financial Inclusion Week, an initiative to drive the global conversation around financial inclusion. In 2015 and 2016, over 70 partner organizations brought together thousands of people worldwide to discuss the most pressing actions needed to advance financial inclusion globally. In 2017, from October 30 to November 3, we will continue the conversations from last year and engage an even wider community of stakeholders to explore this year’s theme: New Products, New Partnerships, New Potential.

Around the world, digital channels are revolutionizing the way that customers access financial products and transforming the landscape of the financial inclusion industry. Financial service providers are harnessing an array of new technologies, data, and schools of thought to re-configure their products and how they offer them. New providers, including fintech startups, are entering the inclusive finance fold and legacy providers are increasingly partnering with them to expand service offerings and reach previously under-served customer segments. These new products and new partnerships bring great potential for creating a more inclusive global financial ecosystem. However, they may also bring new problems – such as issues surrounding data security, transparency on mobile platforms, and discrimination in alternative credit scoring. During Financial Inclusion Week 2017, partner organizations around the globe will hold conversations focused on how new products and partnerships are advancing financial inclusion.

We are calling for organizations that wish to join the conversation by hosting a Financial Inclusion Week event. Visit the Financial Inclusion Week website today to sign-up to be a partner and receive updates and resources to help plan your event.  If you want to learn more, we encourage you to check out highlights from Financial Inclusion Week 2016 here and to review some Frequently Asked Questions below.

What does it mean to be a Financial Inclusion Week partner?
Financial Inclusion Week partners commit to participating in the Week by hosting a conversation focused on this year’s theme, New Products, New Partnerships, New Potential.  You can sign up for more information here.

What kind of event would I host?
We welcome you to pick the event format that works best for you. That may be a larger event or a smaller conversation that could occur in person, by conference call, or by webinar. Some events will include people from one organization and others will include a range of diverse stakeholders from the private and public sectors.

Who can be involved?
The goal is to have a range of participants from multiple geographies as well as from different stakeholder types, including banks, insurance companies, payments companies, telcos, policy-makers, regulators, NGOs, microfinance institutions, investors, financial inclusion support organizations, credit reporting service providers, financial capability experts, fintech companies, and so forth. Financial institutions may also use this as an opportunity for corporate citizenship outreach or for deepening internal understanding of financial inclusion.

What are the objectives of Financial Inclusion Week?

  • To bring the entire financial inclusion community together to explore issues of financial inclusion beyond access.
  • To create leadership opportunities among diverse stakeholders. To create dialogue and community.
  • To foster partnership and coordination within the financial industry.

How will the outcomes of Financial Inclusion Week be publicized?
The Center for Financial Inclusion will publicize all Financial Inclusion Week events on and will promote participation for webinars and online events. Tweets and blogs will be captured on daily CFI Blog posts and on an interactive web page throughout the week. CFI will produce an e-magazine to be released featuring highlights of the week, photos from the week, and key messages from conversations.

Why should my organization participate?
Achieving financial inclusion is within our reach, but only if we work together to address the biggest gaps. When people come together to consider this question, they emerge with new insights, energy and focus.  By serving as a partner, you are playing a vital role as a leader in financial inclusion and helping to build a strong community, while focusing on the work of your organization.

How do I participate?
Financial Inclusion Week is easy to participate in. Explore past events via the Financial Inclusion Week website and begin thinking about what conversation you would like to hold. CFI will provide a toolkit for partners suggesting key questions, background materials, and content for the meetings.

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