SEEP Annual Conference

The SEEP Annual Conference gathers thought leaders and practitioners dedicated to promoting more inclusive markets and financial systems. Two convenings are free for all to attend.

Savings-led Working Group Annual Meeting: The SEEP Network

This meeting takes place at 1:30 EDT on Monday as part of the Annual Conference, but is free for all to attend, even if you are not attending the conference.

At this annual meeting for the SEEP Network’s Savings-led Working Group (SLWG), we will discuss our strategic priorities and activities for the upcoming year. The agenda will also include an opportunity for working group members to share their experience, innovations, challenges, research or publications in the field. If you are interested in contributing to this meeting, please write to us at

Women’s Economic Empowerment Working Group Annual Meeting: The SEEP Network

1. Update members on achievements in 2019;
2. Identify and discuss new WEE initiatives, promising approaches, and resources within our membership and more broadly;
3. Learn about new and innovative women’s economic empowerment tools;
4. Promote networking and knowledge sharing amongst new and existing members;
5. Define and coordinate key issues and themes for the working group to address in 2020.

All are also welcome to register and attend this meeting, to be held Monday at 1:30 pm EDT.

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