Senior Fellow Rippey to lead course on clean energy opportunities

> Posted by Michelle Romeu 
Senior Fellow and Chief Consultant to the Energy Links project Paul Rippey is leading a course on “Modern Energy Business Opportunities for the Base of the Pyramid” from Wednesday, October 13 through Friday, October 15, 2010 (Registration deadline is September 27). Paul writes:
I’m going to be co-leading along with my good friend and colleague Harry Andrews, who is one of the founders of Barefoot Power. Energy Links has worked a lot with Harry and Barefoot, and they are a great folks: we like their values, we like their products, and they are creative and fun to work with. At the May 2010 Lighting Africa conference in Nairobi, their products won first or second place in every category and after years of hard work and no income, they seem to have become the leader in affordable lighting products in Africa.
The course that Harry and I are leading is part of the Sustainable Microenterprise and Development program offered by the Carsey Institute at the University of New Hampshire. The course will be held at the Ocean View Resort on Zanzibar (somebody has to do it).
We will share what we have learned about building partnerships along the supply and distribution chains between microfinance institutions and savings groups, small-scale entrepreneurs, suppliers, and manufacturers. The second day of the course will take participants out to the field to interview people in villages, and find out how they use energy, what improvements they want and would be willing to pay for, and how they could finance them.
This is going to be great fun and I believe very useful – it will be hands on, and a great chance to network and learn. I enthusiastically invite you to participate. 
You can find out more, and register in the program, at the course website here
I’ll also be leading a presentation on climate change and development, inspired by An Inconvenient Truth, but also going down a few roads that Al Gore has never taken.