Smart Campaign Call for Tools Winners

> Posted by Kelley Mesa
In January we asked Smart Campaign endorsers to share the tools they are currently using to address Client Protection Principle 5–“Mechanisms for Redress of Grievances.” Among the submissions received, four organizations stood out as exceptional.
We are happy to announce that these organizations’ tools will be featured on The Smart Campaign website:

  • Fundación Mundial De la Mujer Bucaramanga (FMMB) in Colombia shared their spreadsheet for monitoring and classifying complaints according to their importance, type, and branch. View tool »
  • Fondesurco in Peru shared their complaints manual, which details process flows, forms, and rules that officers handling complaints are required to follow. View tool »
  • Opportunity Bank Serbia provided a handout/flyer in which they provide clients with clear and concise instructions for the grievances process. View tool »
  • Tamweelcom of Jordan shared a suite of resources, including a complaints manual and the forms and spreadsheets to assist MFI staff throughout the process. View tool »

We invite you to learn more about these and all of the Campaign tools and resources »
The Smart Campaign staff and Tools & Resources Task Force reviewed each of the submitted tools, evaluating them based on three basic criteria

  1. Completion and quality of response
  2. Provision of materials
  3. Adaptability of material to other contexts

We thank all of the 13 organizations who submitted tools, including:

  • Compartamos Banco, Mexico
  • Crezcamos, Colombia
  • Financial Information Network and Operations (FINO), India
  • Fundacion para el Desarrollo de Honduras, FUNED, Honduras
  • KazMicroFinance, Kazakhstan
  • Lift Above Poverty Organization (LAPO), Nigeria
  • KEDEP (U) LTD, Uganda
  • Ujjivan, India