Speaking the Same Language – The Center Launches the Financial Inclusion Glossary

> Posted by Anita Gardeva
The Center for Financial Inclusion developed its vision for financial inclusion because we recognized that a clear definition of financial inclusion is lacking in current conversations.
Now we want to move beyond defining the term financial inclusion to building out the language essential for discussing this multi-faceted issue, with the Center’s new Financial Inclusion Glossary.
Numerous terms–from vague concepts such as quality to more commonly used terms like over-indebtedness–require better definitions.  Defining the common financial-inclusion vocabulary is also helpful in mapping out how various concepts fit into the financial inclusion puzzle and identifying the roles and strategies needed to advance.
Our interactive glossary is starting out with more than 85 terms and plans to grow.  You can help by recommending terms and definitions that you think should be included in this initiative.  We are excited to share this effort with you and hope that you will find it useful and partake!
Visit the Center’s Financial Inclusion Glossary >
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