Podcast: Technology and Financial Inclusion by 2020

The audacious vision of Financial Inclusion 2020 is that full financial inclusion for all is actually possible by 2020 if all stakeholders join together to address the gaps and seize the opportunities. Existing technologies stand as one of these great opportunities, and could make financial services available anytime, anyplace, reaching millions of people who were previously excluded. Yet there is a lot of work to be done before those technologies can realize their promise of bringing about financial inclusion.

In this podcast, Susy Cheston of the Center for Financial Inclusion is joined by Dr. Bejoy Das Gupta, Chief-Economist for the Asia-Pacific region at the Institute of International Finance, Ed Brandt, Executive Vice President for Government Services and Solutions at Mastercard Worldwide, and Paul Tregidgo, Managing Director at Credit Suisse. Together, they explore the importance of technology and innovative partnerships in making the vision of Financial Inclusion 2020 a reality, sharing key takeaways from a roundtable hosted jointly by the Center for Financial Inclusion and the Institute of International Finance.

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