Technology Roll-Out, Mobile Savings and Credit, Investing in Microinsurance – Top Picks of the Microfinance Blogosphere

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This edition of top picks features posts on how to effectively deploy new technologies to the base of the pyramid, the increasing prominence of mobile savings and credit services, and the growing potential for impact investing in microinsurance.

How can innovative technologies be distributed and adopted at scale in the last mile? Tomohiro Hamakawa of Kopernik addresses this question in a new post on Next Billion. Drawing from a recent Kopernik report, Hamakawa expounds on five key factors to serve as guiding principles in the roll-out of empowering technologies to the BoP: activating a local network of trust; lowering financial barriers; riding the technology adoption wave; focusing on tangible benefits; and staying engaged, showing commitment.

Writing from the MasterCard Foundation Symposium on Financial Inclusion, GSMA’s Arunjay Katakam, acknowledging the event’s attention on mobile credit and savings services, examines some of the different mobile outfits that have launched in recent years. The post, published on GSMA’s Mobile Money for the Unbanked Blog, discusses the services providers in terms of three different models: the mass-market short-term loans approach, such as that of M-Shwari; the traditional microfinance institution approach, like that of Musoni; and the outlying organizations that approach their business models in a wholly unique way – for example, Kopo Kopo Grow.

A growing client base and services innovations are creating new investment opportunities in the microinsurance sector, but there remain few investing in the space. Those are some of the main messages from a new post on the CGAP Blog. The post discusses the potential of microinsurance as a growing investment class, the difficulties in investing in this perceived-to-be “niche” market, and recommendations for impact investors. Challenges considered, the post’s authors believe that investing in microinsurance has big potential, as evidenced by the post’s title: “Microinsurance: the Next Generation of Impact Investments.”

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