Do It Yourself: Briquette 101

> Posted by David Levai

Making briquette is not a very complicated process, but it definitely is a subtle one. It can be long and tedious and only after making quite a number of them can you understand the fine tuning of the input material in order to get the best output product. Very similar to cooking, as it’s not just about getting the ingredients right, but your technique.
Rather than delving into the complex explanations on the steps to take, let’s allow pictures to speak louder than words. Here’s a here’s a step-by-step visual guide on the briquette-making technique. You can follow the work of our three trainers – Mary, Victoria, and Gilbert – through these pictures and a video of the ultimate result. We thank Legacy Foundation, which has been promoting the use of briquettes, training producers, and research technological improvements worldwide for over two decades.
After that I hope you’ll all be ready to start making your own briquettes. Enjoy, have fun, and send us your recipes !!!
> Learn more about biomass briquettes and the Center’s Energy Links project
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