The Center's Best-Kept Secret: The Country-by-Country Client Protection Library

> Posted by Jon Pattee
Have you checked out the Center for Financial Inclusion’s Client Protection Library? It’s so well-hidden, it took me 15 minutes to find a link to it. And I’m the webmaster.
Before I do the obvious and create a major home page link to this below-the-radar resource, I wanted to spotlight the library’s country profiles. They’re  pulled together from documents in other languages and diverse sources including law, public policy, banking, and microfinance.

These profiles were assembled by ACCION interns and university students collaborating in the research process. They present an overview in English of the legal and regulatory frameworks for consumer protection in each country, as well as a description of the banking associations and microfinance networks and their main initiatives.
The profiles are not exhaustive and have not been reviewed by country experts. If you notice a gap or error in any of the profiles, we would very much appreciate your comments about how it can be improved. In this way, we can work together to expand our understanding of the variety of client protection strategies and initiatives that are being pursued in different parts of the world.
Now that the world can find this resource, one hopes it’ll be especially useful.