The Kenyan Journey to Digital Financial Inclusion

> Posted by Center Staff

It’s hard to replicate the learning value that comes from a good infographic. One such gem we were glad to recently come across is The Kenyan Journey to Digital Financial Inclusion from GSMA. Released shortly after GSMA’s 2013 Mobile Asia Expo, the infographic chronicles the development of mobile money in its flagship country of Kenya. Through the infographic you can trace how policy decisions and product innovations worked together to connect three quarters of the Kenyan people to electronic payments and other products. It shows clearly how one innovation paves the way for more, leading to a burst of innovations in the past two years.

To view the infographic in greater detail, click on the image above.

For more fun with infographics, check out one we released for the second FI2020 Mapping the Invisible Market paper, Growing Income, Growing Inclusion.

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