The Only Solid Basis for Microfinance Having a Bright Future?

> Posted by Center Staff
There’s a nice nod to the Smart Campaign in Grameen Foundation CEO Alex Counts’ draft plenary paper for the upcoming Global Microcredit Summit 2011.
“Towards Reinventing Microfinance Through Solving the ‘Last Mile Problem’: Bringing Clean Energy Solutions and Actionable Information to the Poor,” which Counts wrote with the help of Julia Arnold, Muhammad Nurul Alam, Heather Thorne, and Nicola Armacost, says:
“Sustainable value creation for poor people and the wider society, done within certain ethical parameters embodied by the consumer protection movement being spearheaded at the international level by the Smart Campaign, will be the only solid basis for microfinance having a bright future.” (emphasis added)
Counts, who is currently writing a book on Haitian microfinance pioneer Fonkoze, collaborated with other Grameen Bank allies to set up Grameen Foundation in 1997.  His work is outlined in an interview for our “Microfinance Matters” series.
The Smart Campaign appreciates Counts’ attention to the critical work of embedding the Client Protection Principles into the DNA of the microfinance industry.
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