Introducing the Smart Assessment: an In-Depth Client Protection Diagnostic Tool

> Posted by Center Staff
If you’re looking to take a major step forward in securing your institution’s position as a pro-consumer organization, an important new tool is now at your disposal: the Smart Assessment.
Today, we’d like to give you the opportunity to learn about the tool’s benefits, examine the list of Smart-Certified Assessors, and check out the MFIs that have already been assessed.
Essentially, the Smart Assessment is an external diagnostic tool that can allow your MFI to thoroughly examine  its implementation of the Client Protection Principles. It’s a mechanism for mitigating risk, because it takes you through a process of internal review to identify strengths, weaknesses, and ultimately opportunities to enhance business practices around client protection.
Through the Smart Assessment, your MFI can receive a full diagnostic of your practices vis-à-vis the Client Protection Principles. Smart-Certified Assessors can help you better understand client protection and how to improve practices. At the same time, if your institution is willing to publish the assessment’s outcome (in abbreviated form), you’ll be able to represent yourselves as a pro-consumer organization before key stakeholders including clients, investors, regulators, and the public.
In a nutshell, performing a Smart Assessment and improving client protection practices has the potential to help your MFI:
* Increase client retention by putting client protection front and center
* Take steps to mitigate risk thanks to better awareness of strengths and weaknesses
* Retain staff by putting into practice your MFI’s corporate values
* Attract investments from social investors and donors
* Build your brand as that of an MFI that is loyal to its clients
To learn more about how a Smart Assessment can benefit you and your MFI, we invite you to click here. For a list of Smart-Certified Assessors, please click here, and you can review a list of institutions that have already had assessments here.