The Smart Campaign is Coming to America

Posted by Center Staff

The 2nd National Microfinance USA Conference will be held on Monday, May 23 and Tuesday, May 24 in New York City. Practitioners, investors and researchers from around the nation will come together to discuss the development of microfinance in the U.S., including the importance of promoting client protection, and will introduce the Smart Campaign to the domestic microfinance sector:

Microfinance USA 2011 will chart the course for the future of the U.S. microfinance industry by rallying U.S. MFIs around a new effort to create industry-wide consumer protection standards. At the conference, Opportunity Fund, Kiva, and Accion will call on U.S. microlenders to join them as endorsers of the Smart Campaign, the first global effort to unite microlenders around the common goal of providing all clients with transparent, respectful, and prudent financial services.
“As microfinance continues to grow and mature, we must always keep our clients’ best interest at the center of our work,’ says Michael Schlein, president and CEO of Accion. ‘This means creating products that are fair and transparent, and committing ourselves to strong consumer protection.”

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