Top Picks of the Microfinance Blogosphere – January 13, 2011

> Posted by Michelle Romeu
With a look at the past year and many things to look forward to in the new one, Top Picks of the Microfinance Blogosphere is back in action:

  • To start 2011 with a tribute to 2010, check out the Best Ideas of 2010 blog series, focusing on what the past year meant for NextBillion and the Base of the Pyramid idea.
  • The MasterCard Foundation and Microfinance Opportunities have announced their partnership with Financial Inclusion Network and Operations Ltd. (FINO), through which they will work to extend financial education to branchless banking clients. Head over to the MasterCard Foundation blog for more information on the project.

  • In these days of branchless banking and mobile money, it’s important to look at the ways these financial services originate in countries where moving money is often difficult or dangerous. CGAP’s technology blog takes a look at the current situation in Haiti and what alternatives to mobile money exist there.
  • At CGAP’s Microfinance Blog, Jonathan Morduch ponders the similarities between microfinance research and medical research: How do imperfect studies affect the public’s broad understanding of microfinance?